Friday Journal

Today I went to dinner with the guys and now I’m going to see Ghost in the Shell with Ed.

Going to have a sleep study tomorrow. Didn’t particularly want to do that but, well, what can  you do.

Got some Power Over Ethernet gear for the office and so far, the first one worked like a charm, which is nice. I do not know what happens if you plug a powered ethernet line into a regular network card or the like but I don’t intend to find out. Can’t be good.

Ghost in the Shell was very good. I hope it is not completely doomed by some social justice warriors and outrage culture. It probably will be. I fear for opening weekend numbers.

I had let myself become a bit skeptical as well. I suppose I’d admit I still don’t know Why they felt they had to go do it, but they did, and they did well, so… that’s that.

Go see it, why don’t you.

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